Pitta Spice Mix Powder

Pitta Spice Mix Powder


Cultivation Type Organic
Form Powder
Features Good Quality, Non Harmful
Pack Size 100 Gms
Used For GERD, Heart Burn & Acid Reflux
Purity 100%
Brand Nirogam

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 10 Pack(s)

This 100% natural organic spice mix neutralises stomach acids and removes excess heat from the system. It is cooling, calming, cleansing & nurturing.

As per Ayurveda, Pitta Dosha is a combination of the elements Fire and Water and controls digestion, metabolism, and energy production.It has the quality of being hot, sharp, liquid and oily. Excess pitta causes increased heat, sharpness and oiliness in the digestive tract. It aggravates and inflames the digestive fire creating acidic conditions which can lead to conditions like indigestion and acidity. Pitta spice mix neutralizes stomach acids and removes excess heat from the system. It is cooling, calming, cleansing and nurturing.

Benefits of Organic Pitta Spice Mix

  • Balance Pitta Dosha
  • Improve Digestion
  • Regulate Metabolism
  • Reduce Acid reflux

What is Dosha?
Ayurveda works on the Tridosha Theory. In Ayurveda, an individual’s health is made up of three fundamental bodily humours, namely Vata (wind), Pitta (bile) and Kapha (mucus). These medical humours are the three forces which govern all biological processes. These humours are responsible for all bodily functions in a living organism and their being in balance enables the healthy functioning of the body. When there is disturbance or imbalance in these Doshas, the body fails to function properly and diseases spring up. A harmonious state amongst thesedoshasis therefore necessary for homeostasis and good health.

How to Know My Dosha?
You can calculate your Dosha for free on our website. Seehttp://www.nirogam.com/dosha_calculate.html

Pitta Dosha
The Pitta Dosha is the physiological element which is composed of the fundamental elements Fire and Water. This makes the Pitta dosha aggravated in excessively hot and inflammatory conditions. This can manifest in the form skin inflammations, rashes, digestive trouble, impatience, anger and short temperedness. However, Pitta imbalance almost always begins with a disruption of the internal digestive fire which manifests in various forms of hyperacidity, inflammation, and indigestion. The eyes of pitta type people are sensitive to light. Pitta has a very strong digestion.

Recommended Lifestyle Changes
Pitta has a warm body temperature and cannot tolerate heat. They can go out of balance in summer. Avoiding vigorous activity is a must for pitta. Pitta people find themselves thirsty most of the times. However, too much liquid during meals can worsen their digestive fire. Pitta type people suffer from skin rashes, burning sensations, peptic ulcers, excessive body heat, heartburn and indigestion. They should bring positive lifestyle changes to control their emotions like jealousy, intolerance and hatred.

  • Avoid hot weather and long time exposure to sun.
  • Wear loose cotton clothes as Pitta tends to sweat a lot.
  • Pitta should favour cool or warm foods rather than hot ones.Recommended Pitta foods include bitter, sweet, and astringent tastes. Include sweet and cooling fruits such as coconut, green gram, cucumbers, berries, grapes, plums, melons, avocado etc. Bitter foods include green tea, green leaves, broccoli, asparagus, turmeric etc. Avoid or reduce sour and pungent (chillies, ginger, citrus fruits, tomatoes, hot spices, salt, fermented foods, alcohol and pickle) foods. Take coconut water, diluted butter milk, aloe vera juice etc as coolants. Dairy including ghee can be used.
  • Taking cold shower before bedtime is advised to cool the body as Pitta tends to take time to fall asleep.
  • Avoid skipping meals or sleep. Early to rise and early to bed helps to balance Pitta Dosha.
  • Yoga, meditation and laughing therapy advised.

Ailments Addressed
Indigestion refers to a vague feeling or discomfort in the upper belly or abdomen during or right after eating. The symptoms of indigestion include feeling of fullness, gas and belching, nausea, burning in the stomach and so on.

Spicy, oily and heavy foods, certain medications, stress, smoking, irregular food habits, poor sleeping habits, and other medical conditions can cause indigestion. Indigestion is not a disease in itself.

Acid Reflux
When the stomach acids rise up to the esophagus from the stomach it can cause irritation and burning sensation in the area. It can occur due to many factors like lifestyle, food types, pregnancy, alcohol, smoking, obesity, medications and medical conditions.Acid Reflux can cause other medical problems like heartburn, throat irritation, hoarseness, asthma, chest pain, dental erosion, regurgitation etc.

Ingredients in ORGANIC PITTA SPICE MIXORGANIC PITTA SPICE MIX can correct Pitta imbalance and thereby help to reduce health concerns like indigestion, acid reflux and poor metabolism caused by aggravated Pitta Dosha.

  • Coriander
  • Fennel
  • Cumin
  • Cardamom
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
  • Made with 100% certified Organic Herbs.
  • No Heavy Metals.
  • No Added Artificial Flavours.
  • No Chemical preservatives.
  • No Pesticides.
  • No genetically Modified Crop Material used

Organic Pitta Spice Mix, with its unique blend of herbs and spices is specifically designed to cool and pacify digestive inflammation in Pitta while stimulating digestive action, bringing vigor and balance back to the central fire.The ingredients in this blend work to enkindle Agni, the digestive fire, without aggravating Pitta, while they cool and nourish tissues which have been damaged by excess acidity. The blend is centered on a triad of cooling herbs which are also pungent and stimulating to digestion. This trio is composed of Coriander, Cumin, and Fennel. Coriander is a top herb for the treatment of digestive problems, it gives a strong spicy boost to digestive and metabolic functions, but cools burning in the stomach, intestines, and kidneys. Cumin, much like Coriander, fights indigestion to eliminate gas and bloating and is also very cooling. Fennel, is likewise cooling, but is uniquely moisturizing and nurturing to the lower digestive track. It helps to restore damaged tissue while it eliminates gas and muscular cramping, easing abdominal pain. It has the added benefit of calming the nerves, cooling the mind, and restoring patient attentiveness to one’s thoughts.

This triad is further supported by three more herbs which stimulate Agni, fight inflammation, and cleanse and heal the digestive organs. Cardamom, one of the safest digestives stimulants, awakens the spleen and removes stagnate buildup that contributes to regurgitative conditions like vomiting, belching, and acid-reflux. Ginger supports the stimulating effects of all these herbs, but adds its special cleansing actions to the mix, revitalizing the liver and intestines. Turmeric is a special addition with several unique benefits. It is highly anti-inflammatory and supportive of liver, which is the central organ for the metabolic functions of the body. It further helps to stop bleeding in the digestive tract which is the result of ulcers and hyper-acidity and provides extra protection to the tissues by encouraging the growth of a natural mucous film. Furthermore, its anti-bacterial potency eliminates dangerous pathogens while actually enhancing the growth the intestinal flora on which healthy digestion depends.

These six herbs work in powerful synergy to calm the raging fire of an aggravated Pitta dosha without compromising its essential heat. They then rekindle this fire bringing it into healthy and balanced function while they restore, rejuvenate, and protect tissues which have been damaged by Pitta’s blaze. In these ways this singular blend restores balance to the Pitta dosha and gives strength back to the root of the life and health of the body, digestion.

Usage Instructions : You can add 2 pinch of this spice mix to your prepared food like parathas, prepared veggies, curd, buttermilk, salads, fruit chat, snack etc.

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